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Stud Services

Our Canine Stud Packages in Stockport

  • From £600

Service Description

We provide stud packages for natural impregnation for your dog. Our resident stud Jacques is a Kennel Club-registered, four-year-old, proven Blue & Tan French Bulldog. Jacques has produced many litters, and his semen is regularly tested at our Stockport clinic using our semen analysis techniques and is consistently at a very healthy 358 million per ml. Jacques is also regularly tested for sexual diseases and is consistently 4-panel health tested clear. Jacques is fed a raw diet supplemented with the necessary vitamins and minerals to keep him as fit as he can be, and he sleeps inside with the dogs at K9 Fertility Stockport. Our stud services start at £600, which includes our full pregnancy package. If you’d like to know more, get in touch with Rosie and we’d be happy to answer any questions about the pregnancy package or our stud services. **************************************************************************************************** Flash Gordon - Proven black Pug carrying chocolate and pink. Fully health tested clear and KC registered. £450 including pregnancy package **************************************************************************************************** Midnight Cub - Black & Tan Griffon Petite Brabancon. Fully health tested and KC registered. £400

Contact Details

  • 07801564580

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