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Semen Shipping

UK & Ireland Only

  • From £150

Service Description

We can ship certified dog semen anywhere in the UK and Ireland to breeders seeking specific mixes or thoroughbred dog semen. Our method for chilling semen means that for breeders within the UK , we can provide potent semen from a range of different dog breeds, which will arrive intact and ready to be ‘woken up’ upon delivery. If you need to ship dog semen anywhere within the UK and Ireland, get in touch with Rosie to work out how much it’ll cost and we’ll figure out the optimal chilling time before it can be sent. Our process starts at £150 depending on where the semen is being shipped to, and this cost includes a Percentile Certification to demonstrate the potency of the sperm. This is carried out as part of the semen shipping package, although you can check out our semen analysis service to check your dog’s semen potency. UK & Ireland Shipping We send dog semen to anywhere in the UK from our base in Stockport. Our chilling process ensures that the semen potency certification we include with the semen is accurate and up to date. The delivery process is straightforward and once the semen arrives, you’ll be able to ‘wake it’ and begin the artificial insemination process.

Contact Details

  • 07801564580

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