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Micro Chipping

Dog Micro Chipping

  • From £7 per puppy

Service Description

The UK has a national database of microchip data which can be used to contact you if your dog goes missing. Rosie is licensed to implant microchips for your puppy or dog; the microchips are about the size of a grain of rice and sit between your dog’s shoulder-blades. The process is painless for your dog and no local or general anaesthesia is required, though Rosie will always use the utmost care to make sure that there’s absolutely no discomfort involved for your dog. From our Stockport clinic, we’re equipped to perform microchipping on your dog to ensure that they can be traced back to you in the worst-case scenario. We can also transfer new details to your dog’s microchip with no need for a new implantation process. It’s vital that if you change address, phone number, or any other vital contact details, that you get in touch with K9 Fertility Stockport to transfer details as soon as possible. Our initial chipping service includes 2 transfers for no extra cost over the lifetime of the chip, so don’t hesitate to come back to our Stockport centre if you do change details. It is required by law that your dog is microchipped according to The Microchipping of Dogs (England) Regulations 2015 so it’s important that you get in touch with us to get your dog chipped as soon as possible.

Contact Details

  • 07801564580

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