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Incubator Hire

Canine Incubator Hire in Stockport

  • From £70 per week

Service Description

At K9 Fertility Stockport, we care for dogs of all ages, which is why we use our incubation services to ensure that the youngest and most vulnerable get the best care possible. We only use the best medical incubators to make sure that puppies in our facilities receive the medical equipment that they need when it matters most. We also offer our incubators to sick dogs for when a period of incubation would be the best course of action of treatment. We’re passionate about caring for dogs at K9 Fertility Stockport, and if your dog needs a course of incubation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Rosie and check the best path forward. She can advise on the correct method to enact and if that involves an incubator, we’re always more than accommodating as far as we can be. We use the Curable Pet Brooder ICU (Intensive Care Unit), recommended by veterinary practitioners and breeders for full care of young, vulnerable, and sick dogs. The Curable Pet Brooder ICU is the most advanced care unit for sick and new-born animals, so K9 Fertility Stockport is the first choice for dog owners seeking incubation treatment throughout the North West. Call Rosie today to arrange a stay in one of our incubators today and find out how long your pet might need. The incubators cost from £70 for 1 week’s stay to £250 for 5 weeks, and require a deposit of £100 at the time of booking – the deposit is returned when the incubator is returned in good working order. Prices 1 week £70 2 weeks £120 £100 deposit also taken at time of booking. This is returned when the incubator is returned in clean good working order. Identification taken and contract agreed and signed .

Contact Details


Unit 9, Lomber Hey Farm Andrew Lane High Lane Stockport SK6 8HY

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