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Britain's Puppy Boom - Counting the cost

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

So! You’ve watched the programme and you’re horrified at most of what you’ve witnessed – am I right?

I am featured in this programme at my fertility clinic K9fertilitystockport. So why did I choose to do it?

Karl at 9 Lives media approached me to take part in the programme – I was wary and many people in the industry that I know told me not to take part. As a person, I am very much led by what I believe in and was determined to get the message out that my fertility clinic business model was dog welfare at the heart. This is what drives my business, not profits.

As I said on the programme, I could easily take people’s money and mate their dogs, knowing it wouldn’t result in a litter. Absolutely not! I have had to deliver difficult messages to many of my clients in this situation and it’s never easy – It is, however, the right thing to do.

Canine fertility clinics in the UK aren’t regulated – can you believe this? I was shocked!I am all for this changing! When you operate your business within the law there is nothing to worry about right?

Part of my job is to encourage responsible breeding. All health records of each dog prior to mating are checked and only then does it go ahead. I also give all my clients full on support and advice with their upcoming litters to ensure a good outcome for all concerned.

So yes, there are some sides to this industry that aren’t great. I am hoping to change that and continue to help my clients produce litters of healthy puppies, puppies that grow into amazing grown dogs, with owners who adore them.

I’d love to hear from you if you would like my help with your breeding programme – call me on 07801564580 or email me at to arrange a convenient time for a chat.

Thank you to all my clients, old and new and to all my mentors – I couldn’t do this without you.

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