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5 top tips to stud your dog

1. Diet – Feed your dog raw! Tripe is especially good for virility and is cheap to buy. Feeding raw has so many health benefits and is proven to help with quality semen production. I stock Naturaw at my clinic so you can always try some to see how it suits your male.

2. Supplements – I recommend you give Gladiator Gold* each day on their raw food, along with Salmon Oil and Wheatgerm*. All these supplements improve overall health but specifically semen production.

3. Have your male tested and have regular flushes – All stud dogs need to be collected from regularly. This is to support healthy semen production and to clear fluid from the tubes that run from the testes to the penis. If you are unsure about the quality of your male’s semen you can book in a full analysis. A sample is collected and analysed using the latest equipment.

4. TLC – Treat your male like a king! Exercise, an amazing diet, a lot of attention and lots of cuddles make all the difference!

*All supplements stocked at my clinic

So there are my top 5 tips for studding out your male! Im always available for a chat so please give me a call or message on 07801564580 or send me an email at

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