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About us

At K9 Fertility we pride ourselves on high standards, caring nature, forward thinking attitude and the effort we put in to ensure that both you and your precious dog have the best experience possible when you choose us for your canine fertility journey.

Each customer has a dedicated hour for their appointment. Not only does this allow for cleaning, it also enables you to have a relaxed experience and ask any questions you may have without feeling rushed.


Located in Stockport we breed responsibly and support the Kennel Club's responsible breeders programme, which makes us your go-to address to find your new dog.

At Piper's Choice kennel we own French Bulldogs, Pugs and Griffon Petite Brabancon studs. 

Our Founder


Meet Rosie, after 20 years in customer service, Rosie took voluntary redundancy in 2020 and set about following her dream of opening a canine fertility clinic.

Rosie has over 20 years experience and having used other clinics in the past decided she wanted to set up her own business and do things a bit differently!

Rosie lives in Stockport lives a calm and positive life and strongly believes this rubs off on the dogs she sees at her clinic aswell as her own.

She loves to support other women, especially those in business and believe that kindness goes a long way with most people. Rosie believes in always trying to do the right thing to create the best experience possible for her clients. Her mission is to create a positive change within the industry and she is committed to giving her customers the service and experience they deserve.




CPD Approved

- Artificial Insemination

- Semen Analysis & Collection

- Progesterone Testing

- Cytology


Ultrasound Scanning


Covid Safe Measures

Trained In Canine First Aid & Canine Nutrition Level 3

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